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Is this your career or just a weekend gig?
Proudly, this is our career and we love it! We spend 365 days a year thinking, planning, and performing weddings and events. Rest assured, your event will be planned and performed by a professional.
Do you offer a written agreement?
Absolutely! Every event with Junction 88 requires a signed agreement to secure your DJ/equipment for your event.
Do I get to meet my DJ?
Yes. Why shouldn’t you? If you don’t get to meet your DJ how will you know if your personalities click? Meeting your DJ is very important to us. We want to know we’ve got the right person for your celebration.
How many events do you do each year?
Approximately 250-300 events. This is comprised of not only weddings but also Corporate Events, Lighting, Private Parties and more. Junction 88 is a full-time entertainment company.
Do you act as the Master of Ceremonies? (Emcee)
Yes. If your DJ is not also your MC then something is wrong. Your DJ is one of the most important pieces of your event. Keeping guests captivated, informed, and entertained is one of the most important parts of what we do.
Do you take requests?
The standard answer is Yes. However, if you don’t want your DJ to take requests from your guests, that is not a problem at all. E.g. we had a client display the DO NOT PLAY list for her guests to see so they could “assist” them in their music requests. We loved the idea.
How do you feel about a NO PLAY List?
We feel that without a doubt if you don’t want to hear a song, it will not be played. Period.
What do you wear?
Your DJ will be dressed in formal attire, unless otherwise requested. DJMJ is well-known for wearing his “Tux with Chucks”. Converse, Chuck Taylor, leather high-tops
Is there an extra charge for setup-breakdown with my Wedding DJ Package?
No. There is no charge for setup or breakdown.
Do you take breaks?
The best part of the DJ is we don’t take breaks. When your party gets going, the music won’t stop till the Last Dance. Music will play from the beginning to the end of your event.
Do you have a wireless Mic for our Best Man's Toast/Speech?
Do you advertise at my wedding?
Absolutely not, never! We don’t even display our own logo’s at your wedding. We do pass out a business card upon request from someone but we never solicit at a clients event.
Do you belong to any professional associations?
Yes. We belong to the National Association of Mobile Entertainment (N.A.M.E.)
Do you only do weddings?
No. While weddings are our specialty, we do provide many other entertainment services. We perform for corporate events and private parties; provide lighting only services and more. We also have planning services available for our corporate clients.
Can you do my lighting only?
Yes but we do not rent equipment. Along with the equipment, a lighting technician will be provided to setup the lighting for the event.
Can you do my sound only?
Yes but we do not rent equipment. Along with the equipment, a sound technician will be provided to setup the equipment to be used for the event.
What kind of sound equipment do you use?
A simple answer…only the best! Bose, Mackie, Denon & Shure just to name a few.
What type of lighting do you offer?
Wireless LED, Market Street, Pin Spots and more.
Can you perform our ceremony?
Yes. DJMJ is a Reverend and can legally perform your ceremony.
Do you perform same sex weddings?
Yes. A wedding is a celebration of a couple in love! We are honored to be a part of it!
Is your music legal?

Yes. All of our music is legitimately purchased and licensed for our use. Tip: Any DJ you hire should have a fully licensed and LEGAL music library.

Are you insured?
Yes. Junction 88 carries complete liability coverage. Tip: Every vendor you hire for your wedding should be insured.
What uplight colors are available?
ANY color in the lighting spectrum! What does that mean? If the color exists in light, we can create it for you! Sadly there is no such lighting color as Grey, Silver, or Black; they are void of color and light. Now those of you saying wait…what’s a black light then? A black light is a Ultra-Violet (UV) light, and YES, Junction 88 can create that effect in a large scale environment.
What exactly is a GOBO light?
The acronym GOBO stands for “Go Between” or more formally “Goes Before Optics”. Simply put, it’s a very small metal disc that has your design cut into it with a laser. The laser cut disc gets inserted into a specially designed light to project the image you selected!

MJ was perfect! Actually beyond perfect! From the moment we met him, we knew that he was who we wanted to DJ and MC our wedding. You can tell he is very passionate about what he does, but also very knowledgeable. His website and portal made it a breeze for wedding planning, and the online library of songs made it easier to choose what we wanted. He made the…

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